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Blockchain-based software to issue, manage and trade tokenized assets

Stobox Digital Securities Dashboard is a comprehensive solution to streamline all operations with security tokens and tokenized assets.

Streamlining tokenized securities operations with ease. Simplifying issuance, management, and trading of security tokens and tokenized assets.

It provides tools for issuers to create and manage STOs, set compliance rules, and monitor assets. Investors can use it to invest in compliant STOs, track investments, and participate in secondary trading.

For whom will the DS Dashboard be useful?

From investment funds to real estate — tokenization has increased the area of its application in recent years and benefit companies in various industries

Private businesses and startups
Unlock new funding avenues and enhance liquidity by tokenizing assets. Ideal for businesses seeking innovative financing solutions.
Small and medium-sized enterprises
Tokenization offers SMEs access to broader investment markets, allowing them to raise capital efficiently and attract diverse investors.
Developers in the real estate sector
Revolutionize real estate financing by tokenizing property assets. Streamline fundraising and provide investors with accessible opportunities.
Investment funds and financial entities
Utilize tokenization to enhance fund management, improve liquidity, and create novel investment products for clients.
Businesses with substantial community engagement
Engage your community by tokenizing assets, fostering a sense of ownership and participation.

Exceptional product, exceptional features

DS Dashboard stands out as a distinctive blockchain-based SaaS software, offering unparalleled features for managing tokenized assets.

Separated environments for issuers and investors
The solution offers two separate interfaces for investors and corporate users. Investor functionality involves simplified interaction with security tokens, where the corporate interface is a control panel for the issuer.
Tokenized shareholder registry
A tokenized shareholder registry is a digital, decentralized record of ownership using blockchain tokens. It ensures secure and transparent management of shareholder information, offering efficiency in tracking ownership transfers and voting rights.
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Legally compliant and secure
The innovative approach combines the transparency and immutability of blockchain technology with legal compliance, offering a trustworthy and secure solution for various applications.
Electronic documentation and signatures
Electronic documentation and signatures streamline processes by replacing traditional paperwork with digital counterparts, enhancing efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and facilitating remote collaboration.
Complete and immutable transaction history
Multi-blockchain support
Token Distribution Module (TDM)
STO Module (STM)
Immediate transfer for blockchain securities
DS Swap. Built-in Secondary Market
AML procedures for securities transactions
Soulbound Digital ID Single Sign-On (SSO)
Secure Web3 framework: non-custodial approach
Customized to individual client requirements

Pioneering Excellence in Security Tokens

Stobox pioneers excellence in security tokens with the introduction of STV2 standard. This proprietary standard, incorporating smart contracts and comprehensive audits, ensures unparalleled safety and reliability in the field of compliant digital assets and tokenized real-world assets.


DS Dashboard streamlines tokenization with user-friendly setup and maintenance

Establish your dedicated workspace

Tailor your unique tokenization environment with ease, choosing the version that best suits your needs for a seamless setup.

Grasp fundamental operations

Gain mastery over essential concepts to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the DS Dashboard functionalities.

Execute your STO and monitor your performance

Take charge of your Security Token Offering (STO) execution while closely monitoring performance metrics for strategic decision-making.

Manage your investors

Effectively manage and engage with your investors, ensuring transparent communication and fostering a strong investor-community relationship.

Unlock liquidity and facilitate trading

Open the doors to liquidity by enabling seamless trading through the DS Swap, empowering your tokenized assets to thrive in the digital marketplace.

Integrated secondary market for security tokens and regulatory-compliant digital assets

DS Swap embodies cutting-edge Automatic Market Making (AMM) technology, positioning itself as a decentralized exchange (DEX). This innovative technology ensures seamless and efficient token swaps by utilizing smart contracts and liquidity pools.

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Assets tokenized for clients

Stobox Security Token (STBX)
The $STBX security token represents an ownership stake in Stobox Technologies Inc.
Candela Token (CLA)
$SOULB is designed to facilitate a range of transactions for identity verification within the Stobox ecosystem.
Landshare Token (LAND)
$STBU tokens grant users a variety of benefits and additional functionalities when using multiple Stobox products and services.
$SOULB is designed to facilitate a range of transactions for identity verification within the Stobox ecosystem.

Issue your securities and manage your investors with Stobox DS Dashboard

DS Dashboard is your key to optimizing business success through tokenization. Open up new dimensions for your business and harness the power of tokenized assets for unparalleled performance.

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