Stobox Digital Securities Dashboard allows you to digitize securities and conduct all operations with them in a convenient digital environment. Sell your shares, pay dividends, conduct corporate voting and corporate actions in a new, digital way.

Achieve what was impossible

Tokenized assets are much more flexible in exchange, can be easily broken down in ownership fractions and managed in a streamlined scalable manner.
Raise Capital from Small-Check Investors
Raise funding from thousands of small investors around the world instead of being ripped off by banks.
Obtain Liquidity
Break ownership or cash flows from your illiquid assets into small fractions that can be easily sold and traded digitally.
Make Investor Relations Digital
Manage transfer of your shares, pay dividends, conduct voting via a secure and streamlined digital dashboard.

How it works

Stobox deploys Digital Securities Dashboard for Your Business
We issue a token, bind to your dashboard, customize UI to your needs, add your custom disclaimers and legal documentation.
Stobox assists you with structuring your security token offering
Determine the best jurisdiction, corporate structure, security type; prepare legal documents, disclaimers, etc.
Investors registers via your Securities Dashboard
100% digital journey, test and optimize marketing channels to bring your investors.
Investors pass KYC/AML checks
Dashboard is built to ensure 100% legal compliance and provides convenient tools to manage legal status of your clients.
Investors purchase your Digital Securities
In fiat or crypto. Accompanied by legal documents for maximum compliance.
Manage investors online, conduct corporate actions
Now you can pay dividends or create secure voting with one button.
List your Digital Securities on partner exchanges
We work with cutting edge security token exchanges that can provide liquidity for easy exit for you and your investors.
Powerful Features
We spent more than 1.5 years experimenting with different technologies and learning best practices to build the most advanced solution.
Crowdfunding Engine
Sell your securities to any investor in the world.
List multiple securities
Issue and sell multiple securities, which can represent different properties, cash flows, etc.
Document e-sign
For maximum compliance all transactions are accompanied by e-sign of legal documentation.
Third-party KYC integration
You can check the identity of your investors using best third-party providers.
Pay dividends instantly
Distribute cash flow in crypto via a single button instead of manual wire transfers to each investor.
Compliance Module
You can verify every transaction, freeze accounts of your investors at any points and request additional info to be fully compliant with your AML obligations.
Top-notch security
We utilize advanced blockchain technology and provide you with a private key stored on physical drive to maximize your security.
Transparent and easily auditable
You can check the register of shareholders and a transaction history at any point of time to easily pass audits and send reports to regulators.
The digital transformation opens new opportunities in multiple industries
New business models, access to retail clients, project financing, and much more...
Security Token Offering Packages
Turn-key solution for issuing and managing an STO. Best for startups raising funds.

Starting from - €29,950
STO Feasibility Assessment
Advise on the best-suited tokenization structure, identification of potential pitfalls early on.

Starting from - €2,950

Consulting and Advisory
Full support at all stages of tokenization, professional compliance and technology advisory.

Standard rate €150 per hour

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