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Complete Tokenization Solutions for Ambitious Entrepreneurs

Stobox provides a comprehensive tokenization package for entrepreneurs and small-to-medium business owners.


Strategic Planning and Advisory Stage

Stobox delivers comprehensive strategic planning, assisting clients in making key decisions about jurisdiction, corporate structure, regulatory compliance, and selecting the most suitable token model to create a strong foundation for their tokenization project.

Selecting the most suitable jurisdiction and corporate structure

Understanding and complying with securities regulations

Tailoring technical solutions to meet your specific requirements

Defining the type of token and economic rights for investors

Developing a robust token economy model

Crafting a sustainable business model to support your tokenization project

Estimated Delivery Time: 2-4 Weeks
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Reduce project costs by 80%
Increase fundraising targets
Reduce time-to-market from 12 months to 2 months
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Starting From:
Reduce project costs by 80%
Increase fundraising targets
Reduce time-to-market from 12 months to 2 months

Project Documentation Preparation

This phase is vital for presenting your business in the best possible light and ensuring potential backers are captivated by your vision. By aligning with Stobox and Marquee Equity's expertise in documentation preparation, you'll gain persuasive tools to secure the attention of investors, empowering you to advance confidently toward a successful fundraising campaign.

Pitch Deck

A compelling pitch deck is crafted to summarize your business value proposition, emphasizing market potential and growth opportunities.

Business Plan

A detailed business plan clearly outlines your model, target market, competitive advantages, and growth strategy.

Financial Model

An accurate financial model highlights projections and valuations, building confidence in your company's potential return on investment.


Concise and intriguing teasers are prepared to generate preliminary interest and engagement among prospective investors.

Estimated Delivery Time: 2-4 Weeks
Get investor-ready documents that highlight your business's incredible value!
Starting From:
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Legal Structure and Regulatory Compliance

Give your investors confidence with a qualified legal provider and establish a transparent secure legal framework.


In partnership with Stobox, DAO Lawyers prepares all critical legal documents for your tokenization RWA or Security Token Offering (STO).

Board Decisions

A formal board resolution authorizing the issuance of tokenized securities.

Offering Memorandum

A comprehensive document that gives potential investors extensive information about the token offering.

Security Token Purchase Agreement

A detailed contract that defines the terms of security token purchases.

Terms of Use

Guidelines for using the tokenized securities platform, defining the issuer-token holder relationship and outlining rights, responsibilities, and conduct.

Privacy Notice

Inform token holders about how their personal information is handled, ensuring privacy compliance and transparency.

AML Policy

Procedures to prevent and detect money laundering in the RWA, meeting regulatory standards and maintaining financial integrity.
Estimated Delivery Time: 4-6 Weeks
Give your investors confidence with a dedicated legal provider
Legal Operations Support
Gain Investor Confidence with Qualified Legal Support
Reduce time-to-market from 12 months to 2 months
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Starting From:
Legal Operations Support
Gain Investor Confidence with Qualified Legal Support
Reduce time-to-market from 12 months to 2 months

Tokenization with Stobox DS Dashboard v3

The Stobox DS Dashboard is a customized blockchain-based SaaS platform designed for the issuance, management, and trading of security tokens and tokenized assets. The platform allows you to create and manage real-world tokenized assets, set compliance parameters, and monitor asset performance. RWA token issuers can leverage it to offer compliant Security Token Offerings (STOs), track their investments, and engage in secondary trading.

What features do Stobox products provide?

Separated Environments

Tokenized Shareholder Registry

Legally Compliant and Secure

Electronic Documentation and Signatures

Complete and Immutable Transaction History

Multi-Blockchain Support

Token Distribution Module (TDM)

STO Module (STM)

Immediate Transfer for Blockchain Securities

DS Swap

AML Procedures for Securities Transactions

Soulbound Digital ID Single Sign-On (SSO)

Secure Web3 Framework


Estimated Delivery Time: 1-2 Weeks
Tokenize your assets and access liquidity with Stobox's technology!
Starting From:
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Fundraising Campaign

In this key phase, you directly collaborate with Marquee Equity to craft a personalized fundraising strategy, actively managing investor relations and benefiting from Marquee’s comprehensive network of over 32,000 potential investors.

Assets Tokenized

Stobox emerged in 2018 and has successfully handled over 60 tokenization cases across various domains. They have helped tokenize more than $300 million worth of real-world assets.

Success Stories
in Closed Deals

With a proven track record of closing over $3 billion in successful deals, Marquee leverages its extensive connections to match you with venture capitalists, private equity firms, family offices, etc.

Customized Campaigns

Work with Marquee to design and implement a campaign tailored to your specific fundraising requirements.

Active Investor Engagement

Gain direct access to a vast network of 32,000 investors, ensuring meaningful conversations that translate into funding.

Robust Investor Relations

Stay informed and engaged with potential investors through Marquee's 5,000+ monthly meetings, maintaining momentum throughout the campaign.

Turn-key Tokenization Solutions & Support

Experience seamless tokenization with our expert team. We ensure secure, compliant, and efficient tokenization, providing ongoing support to simplify your digital asset journey.
Marquee Equity receives a 2% success fee on the total investments raised through their network, payable only after the funds are successfully received.


Turn your vision into reality and secure capital raises with Stobox RWA tokenization services

With Stobox RWA tokenization services, you can transform your assets into digital tokens, making it easier to attract investors and secure funding. This innovative approach not only enhances liquidity but also opens up new avenues for growth and investment opportunities.

Gene Deyev
Chief Executive Officer
Ross Shem
Chief Operating Officer
Jason Jones
Chief of Client Relationships & Business Development
Borys Pikalov
Head of Analytics