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Attract investors to your natural resource business

Tokenization offers a revolutionary solution, allowing natural resources businesses to attract new investors and unlock liquidity for their assets and securities.

Talk to our expert to find out how your business can benefit from tokenization with Stobox services.
Jason Jones
Head of Sales
Ross Shem
Chief Operating Officer
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Resourceful Advantage

How will your business benefit from using natural resources tokenization?

Monetization of illiquid assets

Tokenization unlocks the financial potential of high-value natural resources, such as rare gems. It transforms these hard-to-liquidate assets into easily tradable digital tokens, allowing investors to acquire fractional ownership.

Expanding  investor base

Tokenization expands investment options beyond traditional banks and financial institutions. It's a modern investment method that appeals to crypto-enthusiasts and individual investors interested in investments into natural resources.

Boosting investment appeal with enhanced liquidity

Trade tokens easily with advanced tools for building liquidity. Blockchain-based assets attract a broader range of investors by spotlighting your offerings as liquid assets.

Refining your company's public image

Elevate your status as a forward-thinking, innovative company by implementing cutting-edge blockchain technologies. Embrace tokenization, and let your company's image shine with progressive appeal.

Simple steps to implement natural resources tokenization



Tokenization starts with asset transfer to an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle), be it valuable resources (oil, gas, gold) or tangible assets (mine, plantation).



In tokenization, corporate securities shift to blockchain tokens, blending traditional assets with the dynamic blockchain realm.



STO marks an exciting tokenization stage where securities become digital tokens for investor sale. Stobox DS Dashboard facilitates this phase.



In the last phase, marketing shines, linking tokenized assets globally. Community and networks hold immense power in this digital age.


Secondary trading via DS Swap or alternatives

Utilize DS Swap, P2P, or exchange listing for seamless security token trading.


Two ways of natural resources tokenization

Tokenization of sale and extraction business

One of the options to approach tokenization involves focusing on the business operations related to the sale and extraction of natural resources. In this model, token holders essentially become shareholders, owning issued securities tied to the business. Consequently, they are entitled to a share of the revenue from the extraction, processing, and sale of these resources.

Tokenization of natural resources

Another approach to tokenization focuses on the resources themselves, like gold, minerals, and metals. In this strategy, the value of the resource is directly tied to the token, and investors own a fraction of the issued tokens. The token's value is supported by a specific quantity of the resource, providing a secure investment choice. As the market value of the resource rises, the investor's share in the total pool also increases.

Surmounting obstacles

Why is Stobox expertise important for businesses in energy and natural resources sector?

Streamlining investment relations

Stobox offers a comprehensive solution, designed to simplify and automate a wide range of investment-related tasks and transactions, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in your operations.

Expanding investor engagement, boosting liquidity, and promoting transparency

Attract new investors to your tokenized offerings seamlessly. Experience a fully digital, hassle-free process, ensuring a transparent platform for both investment and trading.

Turn-key approach with an extensive traction

With an unwavering commitment to innovation and a deep understanding of the field, Stobox serves as the central bridge between traditional resource management and the dynamic tokenization sector.
Download the Guide on Tokenization of Natural Resources
Everything you need to know about natural resources tokenization in one ebook.

Customer feedback for Stobox

Here are a selection of reviews from our valued clients.

Rodrigo López
Co-Founder at Candela
“One of the things I liked about Stobox was the flexibility and capability of adapting to our specific needs, to take into account our timing and structure to personalize a solution for us.”
Andrew Hinton
Managing Partner at GL Capital
Discovering Stobox through their insightful youtube education series has been a game-changer for us. Their profound technical expertise, practical advice, and commitment to educating our team have far exceeded our expectations.
Gareth Street
Founder&COO at Avora Capital
Stobox were extremely knowledgable and innovative in their approach. We look forward to a long and successful relationship.
Jordan Friske
CEO and Lead Blockchain Developer
“Stobox provides an all-in-one solution that slimplifies the tokenization process, from legal compliance all the way to token deployment.”
Thomas Thomison
Founding Member, PowerShift Properties, DAO LLC
”We’re excited to work with Stobox to make available a new security token that reduces many of the risks, hurdles, and limitations investors face when adding blockchain-based assets backed by real property to their portfolios.”


Overcoming investor outreach challenges through tokenization

Tokenization has emerged as a robust solution to many problems traditionally faced in reaching investors within the natural resources sector. Let's explore four key challenges and how tokenization offers tangible solutions.

Project scrutiny and legal evaluation

Traditionally, reaching global investors was limited by geography. International investments were intricate, time-consuming, and costly. Tokenization on the blockchain enhances global accessibility.

High entry barriers

Natural resource deposits' presence is uncertain before research. Insufficient minerals in an area pose risks for investors' profitability.

Lack of liquidity

Investors wary of limited liquidity in natural resources sector. Tokenization boosts asset trade ease on exchanges, enhancing appeal to potential investors.

Limited transparency

Traditional investments lack transparency, breeding investor distrust. Blockchain's transparent, immutable transaction records boost confidence, enhancing tokenized assets' appeal.

Empowering your tokenization

Unleashing potential with Stobox: How we propel your journey to tokenization

Thorough project analysis

We thoroughly analyze your project pre-tokenization, offering insights, risk awareness, and a detailed plan with timelines. A solid plan is key to successful tokenization.

Expert legal guidance

Simplify legal complexities with our guidance. We aid in optimal structuring and jurisdiction selection, boosting investor trust and global compliance.

Strategic marketing support

Promoting security tokens requires a specialized approach. We connect you with experienced marketing partners for optimal results in this unique domain.

Lifelong support

Promoting security tokens requires a specialized approach. We connect you with experienced marketing partners for optimal results in this unique domain.

Stobox respects your privacy and uses your personal info solely for account management and requested services. We may also contact you about our products, services, and relevant content.

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Ross Shemeliak
Co-Founder & COO
Jason Paul Jones
Head of Sales