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Share long-term growth by
investing in Stobox

Investing in the security token, which is equity-based, is equivalent to investing in Stobox's Class-A shares. The shares are transferred and managed on the blockchain, enabling a secure and transparent process.

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Best STO Platform 2019
The Most Promising Startup of the Year
5 Years On The Market


With our corporate shares, we realized what others only envisioned

We lead by example. Initially, we tokenized our own company's shares, reflecting 100% of the company on the blockchain.

Corporate shares were moved to blockchain

We've converted all our corporate share equity, 100%, into security tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Minted tokenized

Effectively leveraging the web3 technologies to enhance security and transparency in our ownership structure.

Allocation of tokenized shares among shareholders

Through the DS Dashboard, we manage existing shareholders on the blockchain.

Security Token Offerings (STOs)

We offer tokenized securities to individual investors and institutional clients alike. We have carried out a series of Security Token Offerings (STOs) at varying valuation prices.

Complying with regulatory standards

We provide security tokens in compliance with the following regulations: Reg D, Rule 506(c), Reg S, and the European Prospectus Regulation, Article 1(3).


Stobox in numbers

We're presenting essential metrics that showcase Stobox's advancement in tokenization. A deeper dive into the company's documents and reports can provide further insights into the numbers.


A unique opportunity to invest in the growing tokenization market at an early stage?

The tokenization market has grown by 600% in 2023

The momentum is clear, and the trajectory suggests that tokenization will play an even more influential role in the financial landscape.

The market has multi-trillion-dollar potential

The phenomenal rise and optimistic forecast underscore the transformative power and potential longevity of tokenization in the global market.

Stobox is among the market leaders with major competitive advantages

The advantages range from proprietary technologies, unique methodologies, expert talent, traction, and strategic partnerships
Discover Stobox and its accomplishments
Dive deep into the world of Stobox and explore the milestones that have defined its journey.
About Stobox

How to invest in Stobox security token?

Create wallet & buy gas

Create wallet & buy gas. In order to engage in web3 operations, you will require a Metamask or another EVM-compatible wallet.

Link to Metamask

Get verified with SBID

To enter the Stobox ecosystem, register with Soulbound ID and complete the verification process.


Login to Stobox DS Dashboard

Sign in to the Stobox DS Dashboard environment to explore Stobox's offering documentation.

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Invest in STBX with fiat or crypto

Buy Stobox security tokens in a legally compliant form. This is limited to certain types of investors.

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Price per security token
$ 5.00
Market Cap
STO Round
Trading volume
building trust

Stobox partners

Stobox has a strong network of partners worldwide, including law firms, marketing agencies, and niche service providers.