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Fundraise your real estate project via tokenization

Transform real estate into liquid assets: your gateway to global capital. This revolutionary shift brings a world of investors within your reach, catalyzing your business growth.

Talk to our expert to find out how your business can benefit from tokenization with Stobox services.
Jason Jones
Head of Sales
Ross Shem
Chief Operating Officer
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Looking to generate funding for real estate development?

Revolutionize the landscape with tokenization — a convenient tool that converts one of the most illiquid assets, real estate, into the most liquid through security tokens. Reach out to a global network of investors and solve complex real estate monetization issues.

01.  Exploit fractional ownership

02.  Attract a broader range of   investors

03.  Step into the digital era

04.  Foster a culture of trading

05.  Boost capital accumulation

06.  Reach out to a global audience


Tokenization: a simpler way to realize real estate opportunities

Uncover how tokenization can streamline your real estate business and investment process.

Project scrutiny and legal evaluation

Our expert team carries out an in-depth analysis of your project, classifying your tokens accurately. We identify the perfect jurisdiction, balancing legal risks, your unique needs, and strategy within the STO Law and Compliant DeFi landscape. Trust us for a secure, compliant and well-optimized project.

Legal document drafting and management

We adeptly craft drafts of essential legal documents and oversee the associated procedures, ensuring seamless operations within the STO Law and Compliant DeFi landscape. Rely on us for meticulous and professional document preparation.

Regulatory compliance and documentation

We offer comprehensive assistance in regulatory reporting and filings within the STO Law and Compliant DeFi space. Rest assured, with our meticulous service, all regulatory aspects are in place, ensuring you steer clear of penalties. Trust us for seamless and compliant operations.

Assistance in legal structuring

Stobox experienced team efficiently structures one or more corporations, strategically defining inter-company relations. We leverage optimal legislative frameworks, safeguard investors, and minimize tax implications in the realm of STO Law and Compliant DeFi. Trust us for robust and cost-effective corporate structuring.


Diversified audiences for tokenized real estate

Tokenized real estate doesn't just appeal to conventional investors or property developers. Its potential reaches a wider, more diverse audience, thanks to its inherent qualities of accessibility, affordability, and liquidity. Here are some alternative groups that could greatly benefit from tokenized real estate:

Retail Investors

Tokenization lowers the entry barriers for retail investors, granting them the ability to own a fraction of a real estate asset for a significantly smaller investment. This opens up opportunities to participate in markets previously inaccessible due to high entry costs.

Global Investors

With tokenization, geographical boundaries cease to be a limitation. International investors can easily gain exposure to foreign real estate markets without the typical bureaucratic hurdles associated with cross-border transactions.

Asset & Portfolio Managers

Tokenized real estate provides an innovative tool for asset diversification. Portfolio managers can offer clients new investment avenues, while also benefiting from increased liquidity and flexibility compared to traditional real estate assets.

Tech-Savvy Millennials and Gen Z

The younger generation, particularly those with a keen interest in technology and the digital economy, are an ideal audience for tokenized real estate. The fusion of real estate and blockchain technology might just be  the perfect investment solution for this digitally native demographic.
Institutional Investors

Institutional Investors

Even for institutional investors, tokenized real estate can provide a novel method for diversifying portfolios, managing risk, and increasing overall exposure to the lucrative real estate market.

Navigating the regulatory landscape of real estate tokenization

Explore real estate security tokens. Speak to our experts

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Security tokens, representing shares or securities in the Special Purpose Vehicle owning the property, are completely legal and governed by existing financial instrument laws, ensuring substantial investor protection.

These tokens offer a simpler way to transfer securities without changes in the land register, making property-backed tokens easier and more flexible to handle than traditional real estate. Our experts can assist in structuring a holding company in a jurisdiction with favorable legislation for securities to make tokenized real estate investments even more appealing.

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Success cases by Stobox

Harness the power of blockchain technology to transform real estate investing with Stobox's innovative tokenization services. Explore our remarkable partnerships that have brought unique and exciting opportunities to the real estate market, breaking barriers, and paving the way for greater inclusivity and profitability.

GL Capital: Democratizing Real Estate Investments

Our collaboration with GL Capital represents a significant breakthrough in real estate investing.

GL Capital's tokenized offerings provide an enticing opportunity with an expected annual yield of 7% and the potential for real estate price appreciation.

Tokenizing high-value properties into MFRET security tokens using Stobox's innovative DS Dashboard V3.

The Security Token Offering is open exclusively to accredited US investors.

Landshare: Real Estate Tokenization at Its Finest

Landshare's tokenized real estate offering hit its fundraising target within a record two days.

Tokenized House Flip model allows investment in property renovations instead of property ownership.

Landshare offers investments in tokenized real estate assets on the BNB Chain for as little as $50.

After selling the renovated property at a higher price, the profits are distributed to all token holders.

Candela Tulum: The Luxury of Tokenized Real Estate

Tokenization of luxury real estate properties, providing investors the unique opportunity to invest in Tulum's booming real estate market.

Token holders enjoy numerous benefits: discounts on stays, exclusive access to special events, and rental returns based on the villa's impressive performance.

The Candela Token is available to different class of investors with the minimum investment amount of 5,000 USDC.

World's first case of secondary trading of security tokens on BNB Chain using DS Swap decentralized exchange.

Download the Guide on Tokenization of Real Estate
Everything you need to know about asset tokenization in the financial industry in one ebook

How Stobox helps with tokenization of 
your residential and commercial real estate assets

Analyze project, design transaction structure, and identify pitfalls

Setup the corporate structure and prepare legal documents

Set up a real estate tokenization platform

Reach investors via the marketing campaign

Unlock liquidity via secondary market

Learn more about how to implement tokenization from a legal perspective.
Legal structures for real estate tokenization from our practical experience.
Borys Pikalov
Head of BA, Co-Founder

Stobox respects your privacy and uses your personal info solely for account management and requested services. We may also contact you about our products, services, and relevant content.

Jason Jones
Head of Sales
Ross Shem
Chief Operating Officer
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