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Revolutionizing financial sector businesses through tokenization

Leverage the power of tokenization in the financial sector for enhanced liquidity, streamlined operations, broader market access, and tapping into the vast potential of the digital economy.

Talk to our expert to find out how your business can benefit from tokenization with Stobox services.
Jason Jones
Head of Sales
Ross Shem
Chief Operating Officer
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Who will benefit from tokenization?

Explore the advantages of tokenization tailored to your financial business.

01.  Investment Funds

02.  Real Estate Investment Trusts

03.  Venture Capital

04.  Private Equity

05.  Hedge Funds


The power of tokenization. Transforming financial services with blockchain

One technology, countless benefits. Discover the perks for each use case.

Simplify investor management

Blockchain streamlines investor management via digitization and automation, yielding efficiency, cost savings, and scalability.

Increase liquidity via Stobox DS Swap

Fulfill investor expectations for tradability with Stobox DS Swap. This innovative solution offers seamless token trading, outperforming traditional private securities.

Offer new high-return assets to investors

Crypto assets offer high returns with favorable risk ratios. Integrate decentralized finance for investor access to such potential gains.

Provide a wider range of services to clients

Broaden services with new crypto tools. STOs lower capital costs, liquidity pools facilitate secondary trading, bypassing IPO complexities.

Monetize illiquid assets

Tokenization monetizes illiquid assets (e.g., real estate or large portfolios) via fractional ownership. Attract multiple investors, ease sales of expensive assets.

Create new revenue streams

Maximize blockchain's potential: run liquidity pools or purchase debt for added revenue streams.

Raise more capital

Broaden fundraising with global access to diverse investors, including small-capacity and crypto-savvy ones.

BENEFITS with stobox

How tokenization provides all those benefits

Streamlined and fully digital

Tokenization facilitates streamlined and fully digital operations. Through the use of digital platforms and smart contracts, all processes are automated, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Built-in compliance requirements

Tokenization incorporates built-in compliance requirements at a technical level. By recording and enforcing certain investor eligibility criteria and jurisdiction-specific regulations.

Integration with DeFi protocols

Tokenization enables integration with decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, unlocking a wide array of operations not available for traditional securities.

Easy auditability

Tokenization ensures easy auditability through the transparency of blockchain technology. As all transactions are recorded on the blockchain, businesses can effortlessly export transaction data for reporting purposes.

Perspectives of tokenization

Tokenized assets is the path to thriving in the digital economy

Superior technology

The rise of tokenized assets is driven by their superior technology, offering unparalleled convenience, wide access, and high liquidity. Clients are increasingly favoring tokenized assets over traditional options due to the seamless user experience, ease of accessibility, and the ability to trade assets swiftly.

Legislative clarity

Regulators now view digital assets differently, recognizing their potential and implementing clear regulations. From an anti-money laundering (AML) perspective, blockchain transactions offer transparency, making monitoring and auditing more efficient.

Introduction to digital currencies

The increasing adoption of stablecoins by numerous countries highlights the growing prominence of digital currencies. The future of fiat money lies on the blockchain, and financial instruments must adapt to interact with this digital ecosystem.


Empowering financial businesses. The significance of Stobox expertise

Boost profitability and expand clientele

Leverage Stobox's expertise to apply tokenization in the financial industry, enabling you to boost profitability and expand your client base. With Stobox's guidance, you gain access to a wealth of opportunities such as selecting the most suitable corporate structures, jurisdictions, and investor audiences.

Avoid legal risks and pitfalls

The correct implementation of tokenization tactics has a direct impact on the future development and profitability of your company. By partnering with Stobox, you benefit from our professionals' deep understanding of the legal landscape.

Tokenize with Stobox

Equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and tools for a successful Security Token Offering (STO) with Stobox's expert guidance. Our team will empower you to maximize your business performance, minimize costs, and revolutionize your operations with the transformative potential of blockchain technologies.
Download the expert guide on tokenization and finance
Everything you need to know about asset tokenization in the financial industry in one ebook

Simple steps to implement natural resources tokenization



Tokenization starts with asset transfer to an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle), be it valuable resources (oil, gas, gold) or tangible assets (mine, plantation).



In tokenization, corporate securities shift to blockchain tokens, blending traditional assets with the dynamic blockchain realm.



STO marks an exciting tokenization stage where securities become digital tokens for investor sale. Stobox DS Dashboard facilitates this phase.



In the last phase, marketing shines, linking tokenized assets globally. Community and networks hold immense power in this digital age.


Secondary trading via DS Swap or alternatives

Utilize DS Swap, P2P, or exchange listing for seamless security token trading.

Stobox respects your privacy and uses your personal info solely for account management and requested services. We may also contact you about our products, services, and relevant content.

Jason Jones
Head of Sales
Ross Shem
Chief Operating Officer
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Some of the top traditional institutions engaged in asset tokenization

SSE launches solutions for trading tokenized securities.
Transferred the management of their securities to the blockchain.
JPM Coin serves as a tool to enable cross-border payments.
A fund that invests in crypto assets and creates crypto portfolios.
Digitalized the management of their clients’ private securities.

Customer feedback for Stobox

Here are a selection of reviews from our valued clients.

Rodrigo López
Co-Founder at Candela
“One of the things I liked about Stobox was the flexibility and capability of adapting to our specific needs, to take into account our timing and structure to personalize a solution for us.”
Andrew Hinton
Managing Partner at GL Capital
Discovering Stobox through their insightful youtube education series has been a game-changer for us. Their profound technical expertise, practical advice, and commitment to educating our team have far exceeded our expectations.
Gareth Street
Founder&COO at Avora Capital
Stobox were extremely knowledgable and innovative in their approach. We look forward to a long and successful relationship.
Jordan Friske
CEO and Lead Blockchain Developer
“Stobox provides an all-in-one solution that slimplifies the tokenization process, from legal compliance all the way to token deployment.”
Thomas Thomison
Founding Member, PowerShift Properties, DAO LLC
”We’re excited to work with Stobox to make available a new security token that reduces many of the risks, hurdles, and limitations investors face when adding blockchain-based assets backed by real property to their portfolios.”