Stobox is recognized for its deep industry knowledge based on the analysis of dozens of offerings and regulatory rules, multiple analytical reports, contribution on the regular basis to the industry top media.
Comprehensive services for securitization and tokenization
Stobox expert team provides guidance at all stages of issuing asset-backed securities, bringing them on-chain and offering to the public.
Technology platform
Public Blockchain Platform with a diverse functionality for securities offering and management.
Consulting and advisory
Personalized advice on structuring the offering, choosing the right technology option, ensuring compliance and other.
Legal Management
Management of the offering setup, communication with law firms, preparation of documents.
Customized solutions
Highly customizable platform functionality, available as whitelabel solution with custom features built on request.

The digital transformation is opening new opportunities in multiple industries

New business models, access to retail clients, project financing, and much more...
Emerging Business
Operational businesses that need to reduce expenses on managing investors or raise funds to fuel growth and new projects.
Real Estate Developers
Tokenization allows to transform real estate financing, sell real estate in fraction to small-check clients worldwide and increase profit margins.
Investment Funds
Venture and private equity funds can raise more by offering units to clients with checks starting from less than thousand euro.
Why tokenize?
Securities tokenization is a cost-effective, innovative, and secure solution to raise funds. Its quickly rising popularity among various companies is due to the unique features.
Go completely digital
Streamline and move entirely online all operations for issuer and investors.
Enhance liquidity
Facilitate the transfer of securities on the secondary market.
Access individual investors
Enable direct access of individual investors to your offering.
Access investors worldwide
Enable direct access of investors around the globe to your offering.
Become easily auditable
Record all transactions in an immutable highly secure ledger, available at any time for regulators and auditors.
Ensure automated compliance
Hard code the regulatory and contractual rules into the securities themselves.
Increase your odds and optimize spending. Get feasibility assessment.
Should I offer equity of debt? What regulatory issues should I consider? What pitfalls am I likely to encounter that threaten my offering?

Financial markets are extremely regulated and knowledge-heavy, with many hidden nuances. We analyzed dozens of offerings, successful and failed. We know the regulation and the market. Let us guide you.

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Stobox offers Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), a modular platform to ensure maximum customization
Stobox Platform is a secure and compliant space to streamline investor relations, offer securities to clients worldwide, and get liquidity for private companies.
Fiat integration
Unlike most blockchain-based solutions, Stobox Platform is integrated with a licensed payment institution and enables on-platform settlement in EUR and USD.
Offering module
Two kinds of offerings and multiple types of securities, including equity, debt, convertible notes and investment certificates available to clients.
Roles and permissions management system
Each user is assigned a role based on its geography, professional level and company affiliation, which defines eligibility for certain transactions and data access.
Compliance module
Compliance rules are built in-chain to protect issuers and investors and reduce expenses on managing compliance.
Corporate actions
Streamlined dividend payments, rights issue, stock splits and other.
Secondary market bulletin board
Bulletin board that facilitates finding counterparty for secondary market transactions, which can be conducted on the platform.
Corporate voting
Flexible functionality for polling and investor-issuer communication.
E-sign of documentation
All transactions on the platform involve signing agreements and result in an official legal documentation.

Digital transformation opens new opportunities in multiple industries

New business models, access to retail clients, project financing, and much more...
Stobox Digital Securities Dashboard
Digitize securities and conduct all operations with them in a convenient digital environment. Sell your shares, pay dividends, conduct corporate voting and corporate actions in a new, digital way.
Security Token Offering Packages
Turn-key solution for issuing and managing an STO. Best for startups raising funds.
STO Feasibility Assessment
Advise on the best-suited tokenization structure, identification of potential pitfalls early on.

Starting from - €2,950

Consulting and Advisory
Full support at all stages of tokenization, professional compliance and technology advisory.

Standard rate €150 per hour

Download our Book: "How to Attract Investments with STO: A Practical Guide"
Stobox issued a book in collaboration with regulatory authorities on best practices and things to consider when fundraising via offering digital securities.
Download Stobox Book on "How to attract investments with STO" (PDF)
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