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Stobox presents compliant DeFi featuring security, utility, and governance tokens

Our specialty is providing legally compliant DeFi token issuance services that keep your business on the cutting edge of the blockchain revolution while strictly maintaining regulatory standards.

Talk to our expert to find out how your business can benefit from tokenization with Stobox services.
Jason Jones
Head of Sales
Ross Shem
Chief Operating Officer
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Create regulatory-compliant digital assets for your enterprise

Security tokens

Generate capital, access liquidity, and embrace blockchain innovations by launching legally compliant security tokens for your enterprise.

Utility tokens

Increase stakeholder and customer engagement, boost your marketing strategies, and tap into novel business opportunities by releasing compliant utility tokens for your business.

Governance tokens

Introduce blockchain-driven voting systems and offer your stakeholders and community an enhanced level of involvement in your business operations.

Non-fungible tokens

Leverage NFTs to amplify your business model and elevate user interaction. Incorporate NFT technologies into your offerings to distinguish your business and gain a competitive edge.

Unlock innovative business strategies

Dive into the world of digital assets and explore its transformative capacity.

Boost customer engagement

Enhance user interaction with gamification features enabled by tokens, amplifying your product or service usage.

Position as a tech-forward brand

Embrace blockchain technology to appeal to the tech-savvy audiences of millennials and Gen Z, elevating your brand perception.

Embrace digital transformation

Utilize tokens as a powerful tool to digitize and streamline various processes and engagements, enhancing efficiency.

Achieve global reach

With crypto assets, broaden your international access, increasing potential user base and facilitating global expansion.

Explore alternative financing

Deploy digital assets to finance projects through community contributions, bypassing traditional financial institutions.

Unveil innovative business models

Engage in cutting-edge business models, particularly those involving decentralization, made possible through the use of digital assets.


Professional digital assets services and advisory

Our professional services empower you to conserve both time and budget while gaining the advantage of a highly experienced partner.

Legal token classification consultation

Gain expert advice on your token's legal classification to ensure compliance with DeFi regulations.

Jurisdiction-specific legal treatment

We offer detailed guidance on the legal handling of utility tokens within chosen jurisdictions.

Technical implementation advice

Get insights on the technical facets of your business model, including suitable blockchain platforms, necessary smart contracts, existing DeFi solutions, and more.

Utility token model assessment

We provide a comprehensive evaluation of utility token models that align with your business objectives while enticing potential token purchasers.

DeFi navigation advisory

Get a clear understanding of the complications of integrating DeFi protocols and mechanics for your endeavor.

Token financial modelling

Let our team help you with financial projections for your token supply, demand, price points, and burn rates.

Advisory services

We provide exhaustive advisory to business partners on incorporating blockchain technologies.
Hourly rate: $500

Existing digital assets issued with Stobox

We have successfully brought digital assets to market for both our own company and our clients.


Stobox Security Token (STBX)

The $STBX security token represents an ownership stake in Stobox Technologies Inc.

Candela Token (CLA)

$SOULB is designed to facilitate a range of transactions for identity verification within the Stobox ecosystem.

Landshare Token (LAND)

$STBU tokens grant users a variety of benefits and additional functionalities when using multiple Stobox products and services.


$SOULB is designed to facilitate a range of transactions for identity verification within the Stobox ecosystem.
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Learn how your business can benefit from tokenization.