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Decentralized secondary market for security tokens

Unique DeFi liquidity solution for security tokens and crypto assets. 
DS Swap provides security tokens issuers the solution to manage liquidity pools and automated market-making functionality.


Infuse liquidity into your business through decentralized swaps

One of the most valuable innovations in the blockchain industry is the development of DeFi Liquidity Pools and Automatic Market Makers (AMM). They unlock decentralized trade execution based on mathematical formulae embedded in smart contracts, instead of using traditional order books like on traditional exchanges.


There are no special licenses or regulator’s approval required.

Self-controlled and managed

Issuing a security token you can manage your commissions, pools and access levels.

Easy to setup

Swap is integrated into the DS Dashboard where you manage security tokens.

Compliance on-air

On-chain identities unlock permissioned transactions ensuring compliance with built-in corporate and regulatory rules.

Opt for private companies

Issue security tokens for your private company and swap them among whitelisted investors.

Custom commissions

With DS Swap you can set custom commissions on secondary trading.

Optimized for security tokens and RWAs

One of the most valuable innovations in the blockchain industry is the development of DeFi Liquidity Pools and Automatic Market Makers (AMM).

Liquidity Pools with Custom Commissions

Establish a liquidity pool and set personalized commissions for liquidity provision, encouraging investors to contribute via DEX.

Built on Ethereum, Polygon and BSC

DS Swap is compatible with any Ethereum-Virtual- Machine blockchain, which reduces the costs of making your shares or corporate securities tradable.

Corporate rules enforcement

Unique audited smart contracts that allow trading operations with security tokens in accordance with the requirements of the issuer itself. The possibilty of applying corporate rules in relation to the secondary circulation of security tokens.

Regulatory-compliant trading

Trading of security tokens in accordance with international regulations and compliance procedures. Operations with security tokens are permitted only for users who successfully verified their identities.

Built-in secondary market into your private DS Dashboard tokenized product

The DS Dashboard is an advanced system designed for overseeing secondary financial transactions, ensuring they meet compliance standards. Registered investors can effortlessly engage in trading activities through this platform. This system not only simplifies transactions but also bolsters market liquidity.

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