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Blockchain-based identities for legally compliant security tokens and DeFi

Gain entry to blockchain-based regulated assets effortlessly by utilizing a single web3 digital identity. This streamlined approach enhances security and simplifies access to a variety of regulated assets on the blockchain.

Access Stobox digital assets ecosystem with Single Sign-On (SSO)

Verifying minted data on the wallet enables compliant access to Stobox ecosystem.

SBIDs unlock access to a variety of tokenized assets

Identity verification is mandatory for all tokenized real-world assets.

DeFi apps in compliance with legal requirements

Unlock compliant operations with cryptocurrencies in web3 environment.

Key metrics

The global embrace of web3 identities is propelling the industry forward, as an increasing number of individuals engage with compliant blockchain-based products integrated with identity verification.

Countries supported + Automated Checks
Registered users
Minted SBIDs

SBID — identities on chain

Use cases

Real-world applications of blockchain identities

On-chain identity validation

Blockchain addresses, initially anonymous, require personal validation of wallet owners for industry growth, regulating the market and enabling system expansion—making blockchain validation a key step in Web3's evolution.

Access to regulated environments

Financial transactions, regulated for fraud prevention, apply to both traditional and cryptocurrency realms, including securities issuance. Centralized authorities typically oversee all operations, but SBID enables access to regulated assets via decentralized applications.

Restricted community access

Decentralized networks require regulated entry to exclusive communities. Current access, using non-individualized tokens, poses ideological risks. SBID ensures specific individuals' participation in DAOs and decentralized communities.

Social rankings

Non-transferable SBIDs, act as lifelong user rankings in DeFi. They transform user qualities into unique, non-transferable assets, signifying superiority among blockchain participants.


It's much more that just your decentralized identity

SBIDs allow to record various information other than personal data. This is a new class of tokens on the blockchain that open up completely new opportunities.


Creation and management of closed decentralized societies on the blockchain.

Credit Score

Credit history and investor rating validation on the blockchain. Purely on Web3.


Rewards and achievements will not be faked if they are released on the blockchain.

Multi-level investing

Building referral programs and large communities is now possible on the blockchain.


Ensuring safety of your personal data

We respect your data. Our objective is to provide reliable data control and protection from potential malicious actions.

Personal data is stored with accredited providers

Soulbound ID does not store personal data. It is kept with professional KYC providers.

All data is encrypted and
stored safely

Personal data is protected and is not written to the blockchain.

Implementing newest technology stack

Stobox products are developed using the latest technologies.